Godkendte Abstracts Årsmøde 2018

PTH injection (Prospective, randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial.) ved Anette Bennedsgaard Jespersen

Increasing Reoperation Rates and Inferior Outcome with Prolonged Symptom Duration in Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery ved Christian C Stottrup

Can the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale predict outcomes after lumbar spine surgery? ved Anette Bennedsgaard Jespersen

Vertebral osteomyelitis: A mortality analysis comparing surgical and conservative management ved Spogmai Zadran

Is Modic changes related to long term disability? ved Udby PM,

Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty as palliative treatment for cancer-related vertebral compression fractures: a systematic review (Spine) ved Simon Thorbjørn Sørensen

Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery – Safety and efficacy – A retrospective, single-center observational study in 150 patients. Ved Perez-Contreras K,